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Kenzo's Story


Dec 17, 2022

Kenzo's journey from Turkey to his furever home in Canada

Kenzo arrived to Canada from Turkey, just before the ban. A calm environment was suggested and he and foster mom Nicola went to visit her dad. While in Sarnia, he escaped in minutes by digging under a fence in the backyard. The search was in place within hours and many from Sarnia stepped up to help, report sightings and joined the search efforts. One special person saw him being hit by a car on the 402 and immediately stopped to help. Madison, along with foster mom Nicola, tracker PJ Wilson et al, spent all their free time watching his known exit sites. Three days later, after being struck by another vehicle on a residential street, Kenzo was located-in a secure spot between a fence and a backyard shed, requiring five hours of volunteer time to secure him.

Madison has now welcomed Kenzo into her family, furever. Madison Kathleen is a very committed person who, having experience with another rescue dog in the home, helped set her up for Kenzo's third chapter, and her weekly updates prove this. Following capture, Kenzo required several vet visits to recover from his injuries which were thankfully minor, and Madsion was there every step of the way. His adoption was finalized many weeks ago, and we are thrilled that he is well loved, has a canine sister, a human brother and plenty of yard space and trails to explore.

Many to thank in his journey: Rescuer Sevil, flight buddy Robyn, advocate Maria and Gina, foster mom Nicola, Tracker PJ Wilson, and all the volunteers in Sarnia who spent countless hours over the Thanksgiving weekend and beyond. We also wish to thank Discovery Vet in Petrolia for seeing Kenzo late Sunday evening and Forest Veterinary for his subsequent ultrasound and followup visits as he recovered from his injuries. We are so grateful to this amazing community.

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