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Hi, I'm Rambo!

Gender: Male
Age: 10 Months

Size/Weight: Small (19lbs)
Breed:  Coconut Retreiver (Dachshund/Lab mix)

Bio: Medium-high energy| good with children | good with dogs and cats | from St. Maarten

My Story

Rambo recently joined us from St. Maarten, rescued, along with his litter mates, from a shelter. Initially found on the street, these pups had days before their time ran out and our lovely rescue partner stepped up to save them this fate. Currently 11 months old, this boy is full of beans! He is initially shy and reserved, but warms up quickly. He adores playing with every dog he meets, going for car rides and his walks. He loves his ball and every toy he has a chance to acquire. He can be vocal with new people coming into the home, but soon walks up to be greeted. Rambo isn’t crated and will happily sleep in his own bed or with his person. He bonds quIckly and adores his family, and especially his big foster brother Jasper!

He does exhibit signs of stranger danger with new people in new situations so his adopter must be committed to continue working with him on this. Rambo eagerly embraces every adventure you offer and is looking forward to camping with his foster family this coming weekend, 
Rambo will likely not be more than 25 lbs at maturity and is fully vaccinated and neutered.


Are you interested in adopting me?

Do you want additional information to help determine if your family is the right fit for me? Please reach out to the amazing volunteers at They know all about me and are happy to help answer any questions that you may have. Please remember to mention my name in the subject line or body of your email!

No further questions and you're ready to apply? Fill out an adoption application today.

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